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Good Crushes Great – Thoughts on Becoming a Triple Threat

As I live a multi-hyphenate life I often get questions from people wondering if I am diluting my influence or gifts.

I do have to keep this in mind because it’s easy for a curious person to hide in their curiosity and never really accomplish anything.

That being said, when I ran across this “triple threat” concept I had to share it. It comes from Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip.

The concept is
if you want to live an extra-ordinary life
you basically have two choices …


1. Become the best at one thing.
2. Become very good at 2-3 things.

The first strategy, becoming the best at one thing, is unbelievably difficult. After all, very few people will ever sell a million records or books or win even one olympic gold medal.

The second, becoming very good at 2-3 things, on the other hand is doable! I believe all of us, with some discipline and desire, can become very good at several things.

Not over night, but over time.

For instance, I am not the best …
– Communicator
– Photographer
– Leader

But over time I have be able to move from good to very good, some might argue this:), at all three.

Developing a “triple threat” of skills can become your genius.

Of course everything in life is essentially a remix of gifts, skills and passions … but what is your unique version of the remix?

Running in more than one lane
can actually lead you further in life
than running in only one lane,
when those multiple lanes begin to merge!


Live curious friends.

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  • Brenda Miller Reply
    July 1, 2017

    This is a great way to look at life. I am always wanting to learn more and do more with my life in order to seek the Lord’s plan for me. Last weeks message from Mark Moore was that people should learn to be content but never complacent. In my blog this week, I said that if there was an 11th Commandment, it should be “Thou Shall Not be Complacent.” We need to use the gifts we have been given in order to do more for God.

    As always, a great message that I needed to hear! Thanks Todd.

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