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Does your 2020 already have “should” all over it?

As we enter this New Year and decade I am overwhelmed by Gods goodness, favor and grace.




I look at me in 2010 and today.


And I consider all the good things I have been able to experience. 


All of the places God has allowed me and my family to love and lead.


I am humbled and grateful.


The truth is as I sit around this December 31st NYE afternoon at 3:51pm Pacific washing Jetty …


Jetty / 1961 VW Camper Bus

All I want to do is write an inspiring article like my friend Will Mancini! (You should really read his article today – The 2020 Pastor)


But the truth is … I feel like my 2020 already has “should” all over it.


I mean there are so many shoulds sitting on my shoulder and whispering into my ear today. And there are many people who believe they know exactly what I should do in 2020 and beyond.


Maybe you feel like that too.


You wish you had 2020 vision for 2020!


But the truth is … you don’t.


So, what do you do when you can’t perfectly post all your 2020 plans and ambitions by the time the ball drops in New York?


Here’s what I am going to do.


I am going to give myself
some grace.


I am going to spend a little more time this week praying,  celebrating and in some cases grieving things from the past decade. And when I have fully looked back, I will dream and plan forward.


I am anticipating and dreaming of big things in 2020 and I know there are going to be some major fireworks this New Year …

I just have to be sure I am lighting the right fuse!


Here is all I really want to say …


It’s OK if your New Year and decade plans are not yet ready to launch. 


Give yourself some grace. 








And then light the right fuse!


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