A thin space is a place where the distance between heaven and earth feels thinner.

God seems closer.
You feel more at peace and confident.

The mindset of most people is that heaven and earth are separated by a considerable distance. That being said, at certain times, some places on earth just seem to be thin in the sense that the separation between heaven and earth is reduced.

My thin space is our family cabin, pictured above, in the mountains of Southern California.

This is the place where the distance between myself and God seems to narrow.

– The white smoke of the fireplace, so thick it sticks to your clothes.
– A seat on the quiet deck at dusk, listening intently and hearing nothing.
– The pungent smell of pine trees after a soaking rain.
– The wind that roars like a black bear when it comes through the pine trees.

These cabin experiences cause me to feel like eternity is less than an arms length away.

However, through the years I have also had thin space experiences in my car, in an airport, on the beach and quite often at funerals. These are nearby, faraway places where the perceived distanced between ourselves and God shrinks.

These are places where the world melts away.

My thin spaces are usually expereinced in the morning and are usually associated with seasons of rest or retreat. But as I open my Bible to the book of Genesis and the Garden of Eden, I believe God’s purpose was for all the world, at all times, to be a thin space. A place where human beings could experience closeness with Him.  Thin experiences could be realized during times of work, rest or play.

My guess is most of us would associate a thin space with a quiet place.  A place where we are free, at least temporarily, from cellphones, computers, colleagues, work pressures, relentless demands and expectations. But what if you and I are meant to experience proximity with God whether we are at work, rest or play? 

What if you didn’t have to “retreat”
to feel close to God?


The Garden of Eden, the original thin space, was a place where people rested, played and were productive.  This causes me to wonder if thin spaces are not so much the byproduct of quiet escape and retreat as they are a byproduct of awareness and curiosity.

Curious people become aware that thin spaces exist everywhere.


They train themselves to seek thin spaces in the every day experiences of life.

As Brother Lawrence, a 17th century monk wonders, is it possible to practice the presence of God all day long?

Is the veil between heaven and earth actually much thinner than we think right where we sit? Right now?

People who find thin spaces and places are those who are looking for them.

It’s like the old line …

Do you know who finds sand dollars on the beach?
Those who are looking for sand dollars on the beach!

Could it be that thin places and spaces are all around us?

Curious friends, could it be that God
is as close as we want Him to be?


What’s your thin space experience?

Please take a moment to comment / share so we can all learn!


  1. Yes, I lived in the thin space for 8 days in ICU after surgery for my 7th ’bout with cancer. The clarity, the absolute surrender, the pure indisputable power and confidence in just speaking the name of Jesus in those life or death days have left a permanent change of perspective and a testimony that I try to share almost daily. Romans 8 and Daniel 3 & 4.

    1. Wow Michelle – powerful! It seems like many people I have met in the hospital experience very thin spaces. The awareness of Gods presence is very keen in those crisis moments. Thanks for sharing. May God bless you.

      1. As you know Todd, Katie was in that thin space before she passed away. I find myself there a lot. Since you made us aware of these thin spaces when you were talking with her in her last days here, I think of thin spaces everyday. It’s a great way to live. Thx Todd for making us aware.

        1. Steve, when I think of thin spaces I cannot help but think of those days I was honored to spend with your family and Katie. The things she said have forever changed my view of this life and my yearning for eternity with Jesus. Steve, I am very thankful for you and I share your daily quest for thin moments. God bless you and your family.

  2. Jesus is our “thin space” whether we feel it or not. Believing is receiving. Paul said “pray without ceasing”. Jesus makes that our living space “thin” no matter our circumstances. Reading, memorizing His Words keeps us focused there. It’s not us who does it.

    1. I agree with this post. With Jesus, we can experience thin spaces in the here and now of our lives.

      Ndibu Muamba

  3. I just read this site and postings sitting in my “blue chair” with a hot cup of coffee and my Bible waiting for the sun to rise, Rita! To me that is a thin space, recognizing the community of believers and the “coincidence” of our patterns in maintaining our ways of being open to God.

  4. During a difficult birth
    I felt my soul lift away from my body.
    A man silhouette standing in front of a window filled with light made me want to go closer. However he said “you need to go back & fight..don’t come closer..not yet”
    I woke up full of strength & gave birth to my son. From that day on I have felt blessed from this experience . That was 38 years ago..never a day goes by that I doubt God’s existence.

  5. After I shared about my trip to Israel, my home group leader said it sounded like I had experienced a number of ‘thin spaces’ while I was there. So I looked up thin spaces/places, and indeed, the Lord met me so many precioius times in the Holy Land. I like Rick Hamlin’s definition: “A thin place is a spot in this world where God has shown himself to someone who loves him.” I will be on the lookout for more and more thin places!

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