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Pitfalls Of A Second Hand Faith.

Do you ever wonder if God actually exists? I do. And pretty much every person I have ever met has questions about the existence of God.

What happens when we question the existence of God is we question the “view” or “version” of God that we grew up with.

When people lose faith and decide to leave God behind what we are really leaving is the “version” of God we grew up with. So, here is a fair question …

Who handed you, your view of God?

How do you know what you know about God?

Was it your parents, pastor or favorite author? If so, that is great and can be an amazing gift to your life. But when everything we know about God comes to us from someone else … we are in danger of carrying a surrogate or second hand faith.

Surrogate” – DEF: substitute, replacement, stand in

A surrogate is a person who carries something for another person. 

How do we move from a surrogate or second hand faith to a place where we own our own faith?

This is what we strive to uncover as we dive into in this message from Parkview Christian Church in Chicagoland.

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todd clark


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