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How To Live Curiously – Part V

How do you know if you are living a curious life?


1. You get up early. 

When you love the life you are living, you are anxious to wake up and live it.

2. You are exhausted but energized.

Being energized and refreshed does not come from an absence or lack of work, it comes from the presence of purpose.  A vacation will never bring the same type of refreshment that purpose does!

3. Others call you names.

Those living curious lives are called clever, blessed, rebellious, lazy, unconventional, unbelievable, entrepreneurial, unemployable, enjoyable, carefree, cocky, creative, resourceful, brave, innovative, awkward, unique …

And the list goes on.

The bottom line is, it’s way easier to critique a curious life than it is to live one.

4. You are cautious but confident.

Whenever you are blazing a new trail there will be nerves involved. The goal is to allow your confidence and caution to work together.

A curious life is not an irresponsible life that sidesteps responsibilities and duties.

A curious life is original, humbly heroic, counters culture and pushes others into the spotlight.

5. You choose courage over comfort.

I have talked about this before … but comfort is the killer of a curious life.

If you are going to live a curious life, for the sake of Jesus, you will be led out of your comfort zone.

6. Others become curious and ask questions.

When you begin to live a curious life, others will take notice and want to learn how and why you do it. You will get invited to lots of  coffees to tell your tales and share your methods.

7. You are misunderstood but determined.

Not everyone is going to understand the life you are leading, but you better.

8. You gain and lose friends.

You will be complimented and criticized more than ever as you untie from the dock and explore unchartered waters. And in new waters you will often gain new friends.

9. You welcome interruptions and unintended moments.

A curious life embraces and celebrates margin which makes room for all kinds of unique conversations and observations.

If you are regularly meeting irregular people, you are likely living a curious life.


And remember the reason to live a curious life
is not to draw attention to yourself
but to draw attention to Jesus
and make Him more famous!


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