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71 Curious & Tweetable Leadership Axioms

The Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit took place the past few days on August 6th & 7th, 2015. I have set aside this weekend to marinate on these leadership quotes & principles.

My prayer is that as you seek to live and lead curiously,
these leadership axioms will also add value to your life.

Here are 71 great quotes and inspiring leadership principles from this year’s summit!
(Special thanks to Jeremy Jernigan, Brian Dodd and others in the Twitterverse for some of these nuggets.)

  1. [Tweet ““Armed with enough humility, leaders can learn from anyone.” Bill Hybels”]
  2. [Tweet “”One of the greatest predictors of success is grit.” Bill Hybels”]
  3. [Tweet “”The archenemy of grit is ease.” Bill Hybels”]
  4. [Tweet “”I don’t want a job I’m qualified for. There would be nothing to learn.” Liz Wiseman “]
  5. [Tweet “”The rookie zone is where we find our greatest joy.” Liz Wiseman”]
  6. [Tweet “”Leaders need more than just a forward gear. We need to be able to stop and sometimes reverse.” Liz Wiseman”]
  7. [Tweet “”Shepherds feed sheep.” Sam Adeyemi”]
  8. [Tweet “”People may move to the other side of the Earth but they never leave your life.” Brian Houston”]
  9. [Tweet “”Every leader has 3 or 4 blind spots.” Bill Hybels”]GLSGraphic.jpg
  10. [Tweet “”The danger with blind spots is you really have no idea they exist.” Bill Hybels”]
  11. [Tweet “”Your direct supervisor has the best insight into your blind spots.” Bill Hybels”]
  12. [Tweet ““The core of leadership is not vision or strategy, it’s self-sacrificing love.” Bill Hybels”]
  13. [Tweet ““A charismatic cause doesn’t need a charismatic leader. Inspire people to follow the cause, not to follow you.” Jim Collins”]
  14. [Tweet “”If you don’t change the way you think, you become the lid to your organization.” Craig Groeschel”]
  15. [Tweet “”When you lack resources is when you get resourceful.” Liz Wiseman”]
  16. [Tweet ““We succeed at our very best only when we help others succeed.” Jim Collins”]
  17. [Tweet “”Personal humility, the X-factor of great leadership.” Jim Collins”]
  18. [Tweet “”Leadership is not personality.” Jim Collins”]
  19. [Tweet “”Everybody will win when you grow in self-awareness.” Bill Hybels”]
  20. [Tweet “”The maitr d did not come to work to work. He came to work to be excellent.” Horst Schulze”]
  21. [Tweet “”We don’t hire people. We select people. Caring is part of the profile.” Horst Schulze”]
  22. [Tweet ““Art isn’t about drawing, art is about learning to see.” Ed Catmull”]
  23. [Tweet ““Success is less like Battleship (sinking other ships), and is more like the rising tide that lifts all boats.” Adam Grant”]
  24. [Tweet “”Allow for inadvertent and accidental encounters.” Ed Catmull”]
  25. [Tweet “”We don’t have very many rules.” Ed Catmull”]
  26. [Tweet “”The pathway to your greatness potential is straight through your greatest fear.” Craig Groeschel”]
  27. [Tweet “”You must pivot between leader and learner.” Liz Wiseman”]
  28. [Tweet “”In a growing company, you’re under-qualified every day.” Liz Wiseman”]
  29. [Tweet “”I am not failing. I’m growing. It is making me stronger.” Jim Collins”]header_summit_2016
  30. [Tweet “”Create the idea, “You Are Never Alone.” Jim Collins”]
  31. [Tweet “”The thing I am most proud of in my life is my marriage.” Jim Collins”]
  32. [Tweet ““We’re not thinking beings who sometimes feel, we’re emotional beings who sometimes think.” Dr. Brene Brown”]
  33. [Tweet ““Being on empty is not a sign of a good work ethic.” Albert Tate”]
  34. [Tweet ““What industry is not in service? Go to work to be excellent in caring for people.” Horst Schulze”]
  35. [Tweet “”If you believe life comes down to a single hand, you can lose very easily.” Jim Collins”]
  36. [Tweet “”If you spend too much time on something, you sap the energy from it.” Ed Catmull”]
  37. [Tweet “”Having a building that is executive driven is a terrible way to do things.” Ed Catmull”]
  38. [Tweet “”Don’t try to copy what people do. Learn how they think.” Craig Groeschel”]
  39. [Tweet ““Nobody can claim superiority over another human being.” Horst Schulze”]
  40. [Tweet “”As leaders we forfeit the right to make excuses.” Horst Schulze”]
  41. [Tweet “”I hire people to join me in my dream, not to fulfill a function.” Horst Schulze”]
  42. [Tweet “”For so many the best person for the job looks just like us.” Sallie Krawcheck”]
  43. [Tweet “”I work everyday as if my children are watching me. Because they are.” Sallie Krawcheck”]
  44. [Tweet “”Anger is a secondary emotion. It always covers something.” Dr. Brene Brown”]
  45. [Tweet “”The number one shame trigger for women is appearance and body image.” Dr. Brene Brown”]
  46. [Tweet “”The number one shame trigger for men is appearance of weakness.” Dr. Brene Brown”]
  47. [Tweet ““You will always be able to find something wrong with the feedback you receive.” Sheila Heen”]
  48. [Tweet ““With any exchange between giver & receiver, it’s the receiver that’s in charge.” Sheila Heen”]
  49. [Tweet “”When we delegate tasks we create followers. When we delegate authority we develop leaders.” Craig Groeschel”]GLSGraphic.jpg
  50. [Tweet “”Be cautious but quick.” Liz Wiseman”]
  51. [Tweet “”We need leaders who step back and can follow someone else’s lead.” Liz Wiseman”]
  52. [Tweet ““So much of leadership is like walking on water, only God can keep you from sinking.” Brian Houston”]
  53. [Tweet ““If you don’t have an antidote for fear, you will be crushed by it.” Bill Hybels”]
  54. [Tweet “”It is time to deal severely with that which could take you out.” Craig Groeschel”]
  55. [Tweet “”Curiosity is currency of the realm in leadership.”Dr. Brene Brown”]
  56. [Tweet “”As leaders, you can choose comfort or you can choose courage. You can’t choose both.” Dr. Brene Brown”]
  57. [Tweet ““You will not find the definition of success until you help the people God sent you to succeed.” Sam Adeyemi”]
  58. [Tweet ““Following you should hold the promise of life change for those who follow you.” Sam Adeyemi”]
  59. [Tweet ““If you want your team to stay relevant, lead your team into the unknown.” Liz Wiseman”]
  60. [Tweet ““It’s not what you know, it’s how fast you can learn.” Liz Wiseman”]
  61. [Tweet “”Is it possible we are at our best when we know the absolute least?” Liz Wiseman”]
  62. [Tweet “”Problems re-occur because there is a fear of failure.” Ed Catmull”]
  63. [Tweet “”All good artists know they have to operate within constraints.” Ed Catmull”]
  64. [Tweet ““If your character is not strengthening, your future is weakening.” Craig Groeschel”]
  65. [Tweet “”Talent can get you to the top. Only character will keep you there.” Craig Groeschel”]
  66. [Tweet “”The bravest among us will always be the most broken-hearted because we have the courage to love.” Dr. Brene Brown”]
  67. [Tweet “”Those who are creative will always know failure.” Dr. Brene Brown”]
  68. [Tweet “”Creativity is the same on both sides – art and technology.” Ed Catmull”]
  69. [Tweet “”Magic is seeing a loss of ego in the room.” Ed Catmull”]
  70. [Tweet ““Why would I ever want to resist a temptation tomorrow that I could eliminate today?” Craig Groeschel”]
  71. [Tweet “”Don’t hesitate a single moment in showing genuine concern and love to your teammates.” Bill Hybels”]


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