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21 Ways To Live A Quietly Curious Life

Have you seen the hashtag #humblebrag on social media?

It’s a common online announcement for people who want to humbly state how amazing they are or how what they have just done is amazing.

The discipline of living a
quietly curious life is difficult.


Nothing disciplines our flesh, ego and humanity like doing good things in private. At Live Curious we often talk about how we want want to stand out. We want people to notice that we live differently than the world. But the goal is not to bring attention to ourselves.

The goal is to live curiously
and make Jesus more famous.


And doing unique, secret, selfless, sacrificial things quietly is a key part of living a curious life. I don’t have all this figured out. And I’m not the best at this discipline. But here are a few things I have discovered about living a quietly curious life:

– It usually doesn’t take much time or money to do curious secret acts.
– It is addicting once you start.
– You can literally change someone’s life with one simple and secret act.

Here are 21 ways we could live quietly and curiously this week …

1. Pay for a family’s meal at a restaurant, but don’t tell them.

2. Send a friend or family member a printed photo that you took weeks or months ago. You can send a printed photo and note right from your Instagram APP here.

3. Pay for a person’s coffee or fast-food order when you are in a drive-thru.  Just put an extra ten bucks on the dash board of your car and the next time you are in a drive- thru lane … pay it forward!

4.  Write a kind note to a person in your school or workplace. Put it in a place where they will certainly find it but never know who sent it.

5. Name a star after someone at

6. Leave $5 taped to a vending machine.

7. Send your favorite teacher flowers.

8. Leave a copy of your favorite book on a park bench with a note on it. “This is for you!”

9. Lay your neighbors’ newspaper at their front door along with a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

10. Offer your waiter an unexpected tip that is equal to your total bill.

11. Give something amazing away for FREE on Craigslist!

12.  Leave a flower bouquet at the hospital and ask the nurses to decide who needs it the most.

13. Buy tickets for a struggling family to a concert, baseball, basketball or football game. Put the envelope with the tickets on their front door a week or two before the event.

14. When you are in a long line, invite the person/people behind you to go first.

15. Take coloring books and crayons to the pediatric wing of a hospital.

16. Spend your lunch hour holding the door open for people at a restaurant or retail store!

17. Take toothbrushes and toothpaste to a shelter or a soup kitchen.

18. Ask the grocery clerk to apply your hand full of coupons to another customer’s items.

19. Check “yes” when asked if you wish to become an organ donor, and let your family know about your decision.

20. Put a ten dollar bill on a gas pump.

21. Add money to someone’s parking meter.

These may seem easy, but I assure you nothing disciplines our flesh like secret acts of service.


Your flesh is going to cry out to be noticed in coming days. You’ll want to send out a tweet that says…

“Just bought coffee for the person behind me in line.  Felt great to give!  #humblebrag”

“My neighbor is going to freak out when he finds the concert tickets I secretly left under his doormat!  #humblebrag”

“Loved blessing our waiter with an extra-large tip tonight at dinner.  #humblebrag”

“Spent my day off doing secret acts of kindness.  #humblebrag”

“What a blessing to be able to secretly leave an extra $10 on the gas pump for the next guy to use! #humblebrag”

“Had to be sneaky, but I hope my co-worker is encouraged by the note I left on her desk.  #humblebrag”

Don’t do it.

Our goal at Live Curious is to make Jesus, not ourselves, more famous.

One way to do this is to live a quietly curious life.

[Tweet “You haven’t really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you!”]

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