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How to Live Curiously – Part III

  1. Choose courage over comfort.

I love how author Brene Brown says, “You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.”

I may have never heard a more true statement. I promise you that an over commitment to comfort will cause you to miss about 90% of this world. This is especially true if you are a follower of Jesus. One of the core axioms of the Christian life is to step outside your comfort zone and be courageous for the sake of others. I can tell you that comfort is not compatible with a curious life. It is those who live with courage that have the stories to tell. They are the ones we want to stand near and listen to at the party because they are actually living the life we all want to live

Several summers ago I enrolled in two weeks of language school in Antigua, Guatemala. I love the old city. I lived with University students from all around the world. We each had our own 90 square foot room several blocks from the school. This is a photo of the old ruins I looked at right across the street when I looked out my window.


I would stay up nearly all night listening to stories and fables from these new friends. Then I would spend all day studying Spanish and taking photos. (Some of these Antigua photos are in my portfolio section.) It was an exhausting, exciting and curious adventure. It expanded my view of the world. And it allowed me to share my faith in God with 6-7 international students who grew up in places where they were taught that God is dead.

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  1. Embrace a wabi-sabi life.

It can certainly be made more complex and complicated, but wabi-sabi is a curious word the Japanese use to describe the tradition of celebrating beauty in what’s flawed. A curious life is bound to have breaks, cracks, creases and flaws in it … and that’s okay. It’s Ok to not be OK.

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  1. Obey Spirit promptings.

In my estimation there is no better way to live a curious life than to have a constant string of “obeyed” Holy Spirit promptings in your life. It’s pretty simple, the Holy Spirit prompts you to do or say something, and you obey the prompting.  I know that promptings are rather mystical and mysterious and I’m not sure how they fit into your theology, and if you are not a follower of Jesus this may be a little difficult to comprehend. But followers of Jesus actually believe that if you have repented and accepted Jesus into your life and been baptized into Him, the Bible is clear that you have the Holy Spirit of God living in you!
(Acts 2:38)

The Bible is also clear, throughout scripture, that the Holy Spirit gives promptings to His people.


These promptings from God can be huge, like giving someone a car or paying for someone’s college. (I know people who have obeyed each of those promptings!) Or they can be as little as taking a neighbor cookies, paying for the coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks or sending a friend a text message. Whether big or small, I can promise you that a curious life is directly connected to acting upon promptings of the Holy Spirit. A life lived in tandem with the promptings of God is the most unique, crazy, exciting, scary, amazing, surprising, challenging, adventuresome life you could ever live!

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  • Jonah Coughlin Reply
    December 16, 2014

    Loved the first three “How to live curious” post. Can’t wait for more future post!

    • Todd Clark Reply
      December 16, 2014

      thanks Jonah! It is going to be a great curious NEW YEAR!

  • Mark Clark Reply
    May 27, 2015

    My wife recently spoke for some women’s retreats in FL and was assigned the theme “Beautifully Broken.” She used “Kintsugi” as a pivotal illustration of the legacy of brokenness in our lives as something to be embraced rather than ignored or hidden. Understanding the consequential (results of our choices), circumstantial (it rains on the just and the unjust) and spiritual (humbling ourselves before God) brokenness is imperative to a healthy future.

    • Todd Clark Reply
      May 28, 2015

      Love this term – never heard it before. Thank you for sharing this to go along with a wabi-wabi life! Have a great week/weekend!

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