“I Should On Others” – SHOULD HAPPENS – WEEK 2

We know it’s normal and perfectly acceptable to have a job description at work? But have you ever thought about how you have secret job descriptions for pretty much everyone you meet? We have things that we expect “others” to do for us. And they are usually completely unaware of these expectations!

Here is the simple succession of how we should on others.

  1. We have secret job descriptions and expectations of other people.

2.    These people are completely unaware of our expectations of them.

3.    They quickly fail to meet our secret expectations.

4.    We get angry with them and should all over them.

In this message we dive into how We Should On Others. And we learn how we can should on others less and begin to move from a should life to a good life!

When we value people,

the way God values people, 

we should on people, less.

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