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5 Entrepreneurial & Missions Minded Organizations You Should Know

When I find organizations that have a benevolent brand and missional mind I get excited.

These are five organizations that I love, trust and support.

Check em’ out.


I have worked alongside GO Ministries for more than a decade. I love this team!

When we first planted a church in Southern California we sought a partner to help us plant globally as we planted locally.

GO became that international partner. GO currently works in Haitia, Mongolia and the Dominican Republic but has their most extensive ministry in the Dominican Republic. There is a school with over 400 students enrolled, multiple medical clinics, nutrition centers, a seminary to raise up local leaders, dozens of Dominican pastors in church plants and an LDC (Leadership Development Complex) pictured below.

The old proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, is at the core of the GO Leadership Development Complex. In a culture where only 1 out of 3 kids graduate from high school, there is a great need for direction and leadership training. GO Ministries seeks to Redeem People, Renew Communities and Restore Creation through local leaders. The GO Leadership Development Complex is the launching pad for those leaders.

In 2013, GO Ministries purchased and broke ground for the Leadership Development Complex on 24 acres of land in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. On a daily basis the complex will serve more than 1,000 kids through sports, 50 pastors and their families in the seminary, 20 local business owners with kingdom businesses, 50 young adults in trade school, hundreds of Americans through short-term missions, and millions of people as leaders are formed and serve the communities that surround them.


If you have entrepreneurial tendencies this is your organization!

Mission Create is like a start-up incubator, collaborator and coach all in one place.

If you have a non profit idea you can get up and running with Mission Create in just a matter of weeks and enjoy the benefits of tax exempt donations for your contributors and non profit status.


1 Mission is an entrepreneurial, missions minded organization that among many other initiatives uses crowd funding to build homes for people in need.

1 Mission currently works in Mexico, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. The way it works is a person decides to use their birthday to build a house. The person starts a “birthday campaign” at the 1 Mission website and asks their friends, family and neighbors for donations.

My daughter Ruby leveraged her 16th birthday a little over a year ago and become one of the early adopters of this crowd sourced benevolent endeavor.

Whatch the short film that was made about Ruby’s experience below and start a birthday campaign of your own today!


This organization plants new churches locally and globally. They are a key partner of Compassion International and doing amazing things to change communities all around the world.

I cannot say enough about the integrity, creativity and tenacity
of this organization. 

They really do want to connect every adult and child on this earth to a church. What a compelling vision from this globally minded organization!


This umbrella organization oversees some of todays most efficient and effective local, national and global ministries. Yet, it is quite likely that you have never heard of them.

Provision Ministry Group is one of the most diverse and dynamic incubators and facilitators of good in our world today.

The Provision Ministry Group is a family of ministries that partners with churches to accelerate their impact from launch to legacy.



Stadia helps plant churches that intentionally care for children. Church planting is the single most effective way to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our passionate desire is to ensure that every child on the planet has access to the Good News of Jesus Christ. We won’t stop until Every Child Has a Church!

Visioneering Studios


Visioneering Studios is a nationally licensed real estate, architecture, and construction ministry with multi-disciplinary offices throughout the US. Visioneering has partnered with many of the fastest growing ministries in the world and has repeatedly been named the Solomon Awards “Best Church Architect” and “Best Contractor.”

Church Development Fund, Inc.


Church Development Fund helps independent, non-denominational churches and ministries grow by investing in the dreams of Christian leaders. Since 1953, CDF has assisted with the expansion and growth of more than 1,000 churches and ministries all across the United States by providing financial capital, spiritual capital, and leadership capital.



Slingshot Group helps churches and ministry-minded nonprofits find and develop next level leaders. Whether coaching leaders to help close the gap between their current circumstance and potential, or leveraging our nationwide network of associates and partners to find the talented people you need, we are trusted partners who help move you and your organization to the next level.



The Co:Mission Foundation provides donor advised funds and other planned giving products and services to Kingdom-minded individuals interested in accelerating Kingdom results.

Kairos Legacy Partners


Kairos Legacy Partners is the voice of legacy serving Christ’s Kingdom by safeguarding church properties, re-deploying declining church assets, and empowering benevolence for faithful Kingdom servants.


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