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I hope you enjoyed your opportunity to meet the Shoulds. There is just one part of their story missing, and it’s a very important part:

Tom and April’s wedding.

I worked for months on many versions of their wedding, with so many possibilities in mind. Would everything be blissfully perfect, like their gifts for each other, or their holiday together? Or would they face unprecedented challenges, and find themselves with opportunities to rest in grace despite things not going as they should?

Which do you think better captures Tom and April’s life together?

I am not the one to write of the heavenly or hellacious day.

Would you write this chapter of their lives?

Take some time to write and “Leave A Reply” of your story below and then read all the other versions of Tom and April’s big day.

  • Todd Clark Reply
    August 1, 2019

    This is where you can write your version of Tom and April’s wedding!
    Thank you,
    Todd Clark

    • David O’ Reply
      September 24, 2019

      Tom and April’s Wedding Day

      Tom and April’s wedding day was not unlike mine and my wife’s. Twenty five years ago and we vividly remember many details.

      It was a bright and uncharacteristically warm day. April and her bridesmaids met at a friend’s house to dress, fix up their hair, and have pictures taken. April’s father came by a little while later to have pictures taken with his daughter and wife too.

      Before anyone realized, it was time to leave. Everyone ran around seemingly randomly to gather up their makeup and garment bags. April’s father walked April out to the car and out of nowhere, a bee landed on April’s arm.

      April was suddenly panicked. She was deathly afraid of bees. Afraid of them because she had a severe bee allergy. And today of all days her epi-pen wasn’t with her. April starred at the bee and prayed silently to God, if this wedding is not to be, let the bee sting me and I will die. But if it is to be, tell this scary bee to be off and on its way to do bee things and gather pollen. This sweet smell is perfume after all.

      God heard her prayer and in an instant, it was gone to the winds. April breathed a sigh of relief and got in the car for a quick ride to the church. Tom and his groomsmen gathered in the sacristy, got dressed, tied their ties and were next up for their pictures.

      There was an air of nervousness and impatience waiting, endless waiting to get this thing going. Tom though was cool as a cucumber. And more calmed when April’s father came in and gathered the groomsmen for a pre-wedding prayer. And after the prayer, Tom’s soon to be father-in-law called out, “be ready guys in five minutes, you’re on”.

      Tom’s soon to be father-in-law, Pastor David Schmidt, or as he preferred to be called, Pastor Dave, was the busiest person that day. He was responsible for being in the pictures of the day, writing a sermon, and officiating the wedding. But he didn’t mind as he was so proud to be giving his little girl away and so honored to be asked to share the Message.

      Five minutes elapsed and the groomsmen paraded out and took their places. Tom started getting anxious, he was all alone, as the groomsmen had left to escort the bridesmaids. And in what seemed like an eternity Tom could see the ring bearer and flower girl gather at the end of the aisle. Behind them the bridesmaids. But try as he might, Tom couldn’t see April or her father.

      Suddenly the sanctuary grew quiet, all that could be heard was the organist finishing up the prelude. And then the music stopped. Tom felt like his heart stopped too. He was all alone standing at the foot of the altar. Tom felt weird, he had stood at the altar and pulpit many times. “Why now?”. As soon as Tom caught his breath, the organ rang out. So loud that Tom was startled.

      Finally, Tom thought, the day is here that I will remember for the rest of my life. As the music continued on, first down the aisle were the seemingly tiny ring bearer and flower girl. Both had been well trained and gracefully walking down the aisle, occasionally walking from side-to-side to wave at cousins, aunts and uncles.

      Next up, bridesmaids and groomsmen. After they had taken their places, the music stopped again. Silence. Then the organ bursted through with Wagners Bridal Chorus. Tom felt nothing. Then April appeared in the doorway in the most beautiful of wedding gowns. It was the same gown that April’s mother and grandmother wore on their wedding day.

      April and her father started down the aisle and Tom felt like he was floating in air, completely unaware of his surroundings and intently focused on watching April. April too was floating down the aisle, she could barely see through the veil. She leaned on her dad to guide her as he had done so many times before when she was a child.

      Finally, April reached the end of the aisle and turned to her father. Pastor Dave lifted the veil and gave her a warm kiss. April glowed inside, and as she gazed at Tom her smile grew. Bigger than I’ve ever smiled, April thought. Pastor Dave turned to Tom and gave him a firm handshake and walked up a few steps to the altar.

      Tom and April paused for a moment to gaze in each other’s eyes, turned towards Pastor Dave who motioned them to kneel. Pastor greeted the worshippers and said a prayer. Two friends came up and read wedding Gospel stories. From there it was a blur for April and Tom.

      They both gathered their composure as Pastor Dave started his sermon. A sermon like no other before. Pastor Dave talked about a wedding gift from Macy’s. An elegant, beautiful clock. On opening the gift the couple discovered the clock was broken. “Who would give a bridal couple a broken clock?”, Pastor Dave asked. Pastor Dave paused and repeated the question again. Pause again. Tom and April were perplexed, what on earth is he talking about?

      And the answer came. God did. God gave you to each other, broken and imperfect. It’s your job to help each other overcome life’s hills and valleys.

      Every year on their anniversary April and Tom talked about their broken clocks, and how blessed they were to have each other. Together as one, and working as one. And so glad that they have the opportunity to serve.

  • Craig D Gallman Reply
    September 9, 2019

    Tom and April got married in his hometown, at Tom Sr’s church.
    Tom chose a pastor friend of his, a friend from seminary to officiate the service.
    An outdoor wedding where the entire town was invited. April and Tom’s mother became very close prior to the wedding. Tom Sr was missed dearly and April’s family was in full attendance.
    The manager from the Radio Station was not invited.

  • Susan Nelson Reply
    October 7, 2019

    In planning the wedding, April is overwhelmed by all she “should” do in trying to please her and Tom’s mothers. Tom and April decide to get married in Las Vegas. They give everyone 10 days notice to get there. Their parents and a few friends show up to help them celebrate. Later they go back to April’s hometown so her mom can throw a reception party just the way she thinks it should be done. Then Tom’s mom gets to throw her own reception party in her town just the way she thinks it should be done. April shows up to both parties ready to celebrate and have a good time because she got out from under the weight of the shoulds.

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