Thanks for spending a few moments of your day investigating what this is all about – living curiously.

I believe two things are universally true of human beings.
1. Most people want to live curiously.
2. Most people do not live curiously.

When I describe a “curious life” I am not promoting a life that is irresponsible.

I am not advocating taking risks for risks sake.
I am not suggesting a life that sidesteps responsibilities and duties.

I am advocating a life that is original, humbly heroic, counters culture and pushes others into the spotlight.

My goal is to provoke originality in our everyday lives.


I want to instigate a future where people who follow Jesus can feel empowered to live a curious life that not everyone in this world understands.

A follower of Jesus should live a curious life.


It should be strange, unique, outstanding, odd and therefore appear curious to this world.

This site is all about instigating curious living for Christs sake.

The purpose for entering curious conversations and instigating a curious lifestyle is not to draw attention to ourselves.

The goal is to cause people to be curious about the way you live so they will ask questions thus providing opportunities to talk about Jesus and make him more famous!

This is how I am trying to live, and I am not alone or unique in this endeavor.

I believe people want to live curiously.

And all it takes is an unapologetic unwillingness to live a lesser life.

Here are ten principles that lead to a curious life.
You can read more about each one by simply clicking.

1. Serve people who cannot and will not ever be able to serve you.

2. Care more about who you become than what you do.

3. Collect experiences not things.

4. Descend to greatness.

5. Live in the now.

6. Spend time abiding before abounding.

7. Adopt a “We Get To Do This” attitude.

8. Choose courage over comfort.

9. Embrace a wabi-sabi life.

10. Obey Spirit promptings.

I am stoked to go on this journey with you and live curiously.

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    1. Tweet me @LeiHands when the sign link is operational. I’m looking forward to subscribing…great content sir!

    1. Click on that “Wabi-Sabi” link in the START HERE section and read more! It is about finding beauty in brokeness.

  1. I am excited about this!! I think it’s just what my continued journey needs!! I can already see places where I have gotten off-track!! This will be awesome!!!

  2. Looking forward to your new series Todd ..Miss your mom and Dad as we are neighbors at Paradise Resort but will see them in January..Blessings to your house from ours
    Rod &Melanie Ogden

  3. Todd interested in your youth background. Eager to hear your message at CBC in San Antonio this July!

  4. Hello Pastor Todd, I could not sign up for your emails. For some reason the website doesn’t do anything when you click it. Can you please add me to your list at We sure do miss you at CCV. It’s just not the same without you but seeing all the pictures from Huntington Beach ( I use to live in Seal Beach) I good to see you’re passing the word and living a good life there with your family. Suzie R/Glendale AZ

  5. Todd- We have a story about how your messages at CCV changed my husbands perspective, lead him to accept Jesus, and saved our marriage. We would love to share privately the story if you’re interested.

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