todd clark

Have you ever should on yourself?

I feel like I do, just about every day!

If I even think about saying “no” to someone there is immediately a courtroom convened in my mind. And I begin to privately put myself on trial as to all the reasons I “should” do whatever the person is asking or inviting me to do.

What’s maybe even worse is that I should on others, as well, pretty much every day. I have secret job descriptions for pretty much every person I meet. And when they don’t live up to my expectations … I should all over them. And they don’t even know it!

SHOULD HAPPENS is all about moving from that
should life to a good life.

This happens by becoming aware of those shoulds that sit on your shoulder and convene courtrooms in your mind. This human parable will help become aware and then lead you to freedom from those insidious shoulds.

Here are four more articles that will grant you a bigger picture of the book and how this leadership parable could allow you to live your best life!

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todd clark


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