One big lesson from the first Presidential Debate

As I watch the debate tonight I see a difference that I have not seen in other debates leading up the Presidential election this year.

You are always on screen!

I understand in other debates there were more than two candidates, so the camera cannot have all candidates on screen at all times. But hello! Tonight both candidates are on screen all the time. You cannot smirk, roll your eyes, cough, look down, laugh, look condescendingly or show anger over anything.

The camera is always on Hillary and Donald.

And not to freak anyone out, but Jesus says in Luke 12:2-3 the camera is also always on our lives.

Who you are in private is just as important as who you are in public.

Integrity has been defined as what you do when no one is looking.

Maybe the biggest lesson I can take from tonight’s debate is to remember that someone’s eyes are always on me, and I need to act, react and live in a way every single day that honors Jesus and respects others.

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