I Can’t Breathe

Breathing is a human right,
it should never be a fight.
As I watch our nation,
my heart aches.
My eyes get wet.
My arms flex.
My fists form.
My mind wonders,
what if my skin was not white?
Does that make hate alright?
What if simply walking down the street was a heroic act,
do I understand that as fact?
I can’t be silent,
my heart won’t rest,
our nation has number #2 pencils in hand and this is a test.
We must pass.
We must excel.
We must prevail,
every soul must be gifted with the right to inhale.
This divide is evil,
it is directly from hell.
I am not well.
God help us.
As my son drives to a protest in Santa Anna.
I watch the news.
I am omni-aware,
meeting new heroes and villains each hour isn’t fair.
I am not immune,
my fists are formed.
The pandemic of racism is tormenting my lungs.
I can’t breathe.

by todd clark

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