How To Say Goodbye Like Bezos.

A lot of my life the past 5 years has been spent helping leaders experience success in their successions.

Today, we received word of one the most public and high level transitions we will see in our lifetimes. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, announced about 75 minutes ago that he is handing off the CEO role at Amazon to Andy Jassy.

Here are five observations on succession / transition
from Bezos that could make us all better.

1. Build your bench.
– Amazons new CEO, Andy Jassy, has been with Jeff Bezos at Amazon for 25 years. Jeff is able to leave Amazon today and invest in other ventures because he has invested in leaders in his original sandbox at Amazon.

2. Become an open-handed incubator for leaders.
– Amazon has launched many high-level leaders out to lead at other high-level organizations such as Airbnb. Do not be afraid, especially in the Church, to launch even your best leaders out into the world as Kingdom contributors.

3. Hand off before you have to.
– Jeff Bezos is only 57 years old, and arguably at the top of his game.

4. Even smart transitions can experience an initial shock.
– At the writing of this article, Amazon stock is down due to this transition announcement even after massively beating earnings. Even healthy organizations can experience pull backs during transition seasons.

5. Transitioning doesn’t mean retiring.
– Jeff is 57 years old and he is handing off Amazon to honor and retain a gifted leader. And he is looking to add new wisdom and energy to other opportunities and passions such as Blue Origen and the Washington Post.

Pitfalls Of A Second Hand Faith.

Do you ever wonder if God actually exists? I do. And pretty much every person I have ever met has questions about the existence of God.

What happens when we question the existence of God is we question the “view” or “version” of God that we grew up with.

When people lose faith and decide to leave God behind what we are really leaving is the “version” of God we grew up with. So, here is a fair question …

Who handed you, your view of God?

How do you know what you know about God?

Was it your parents, pastor or favorite author? If so, that is great and can be an amazing gift to your life. But when everything we know about God comes to us from someone else … we are in danger of carrying a surrogate or second hand faith.

Surrogate” – DEF: substitute, replacement, stand in

A surrogate is a person who carries something for another person. 

How do we move from a surrogate or second hand faith to a place where we own our own faith?

This is what we strive to uncover as we dive into in this message from Parkview Christian Church in Chicagoland.

How to survive the pressure of a perfect Christmas

Photo by @isayX3

Do you experience emotional stress, tension or anxiety around Christmas?

I do. And it comes from this idea that everything has to be “perfect” at Christmas.

I should host perfect parties at my house.
I should say perfect things to perfectly put-together people at those parties.

I should purchase perfect presents.
I should present a perfect marriage.

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7 Creative Christmas Series Ideas For Churches & Communicators

Over the past 12 years of being a lead pastor & teaching pastor I have accumulated a list of over 600 teaching series & 5,000 individual sermon titles. (Available soon as a 70-page ebook download.)

Christmas UnCluttered” is the series we are getting ready to launch for Christmas at my church.  I have been working with our team on this series for months, and I am so stoked for it to kick off!

My prayer is these series ideas stimulate your creative juices, and Jesus becomes even more famous in your community this Christmas season!

1. North Point Community Church

An Unexpected Christmas Guest List North Point Community
An Unexpected Christmas An Unlikely Candidate North Point Community
An Unexpected Christmas Label Makers North Point Community
An Unexpected Christmas Promise Keeper North Point Community
An Unexpected Christmas And Everything Changed North Point Community

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12 Insanely Awesome Christmas Gifts for Men

Females, here is what males want this year for Christmas!

Absolutely a no brainer, ladies. These MAN CRATES are stuffed with all kinds of snacks, gadgets, gear, hot sauce, whisky, shaving cream and video games. Then they are sealed up tight and shipped with a crow bar!  Have you ever opened a present with a crow bar?  These crates come in all kinds of themes such as Hot & Spicy Crate, The Bacon Crate, Grill Master Crate, Golfers Crate, Clean Shave Crate and many more. ~ $59 Starting Price Purchase Here

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How to Live Curiously – PART II

As I mentioned in the inaugural “How to Live Curiously” post, I believe two things.

1. Most people want to live curiously.
2. Most people do not live curiously.

I am determined to battle this truth!

Are you ready for three more principles that people who are trying to live curiously weave into the fabric of their lives?

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